Story of Franz Sieland GmbH

Founded on 01.01.1973, the Franz Sieland GmbH, Dealer for industrial supplies, look back on more than 40 years of history. During this time we experienced much good stuff; among other things, our company move to 2004 and our management change in 2005 Come with us back in time and take a look at our milestones:


1973: Founding of Franz Sieland GmbH by Franz Sieland and Rainer Haas

1993: For the past 20 years, there is now the Franz Sieland GmbH.

2003: Even after 30 years we are as usual there for our customers

2004: Corporate Relocation of Anna Street to Möhnestraße

2005: generational change baton was passed on to new CEO Stefan Haas.

2013: The 40th anniversary will be celebrated accordingly. Our staff Heribert Lenze since the first hour with it.

2014: The Franz Sieland GmbH is breaking new ground and takes the path to online business.

This timeline we will continue to cultivate and present all the milestones of our company to you here, because you, the customer, are part of our more than 40-year history.