Service as you need it

As a provider, we know the needs of our customers and can seal it quickly and efficiently. Our comprehensive stock range guarantees high delivery ratio, which is complimented with our delivery service.

The supply of our 25,000 items in your core product range within 24 hours.

Also Selbstabholer find with us what they need.

How much service you need, you decide. We guarantee you the flexibility at any time.
Best quality, at optimum range

Our goal is to meet all your needs perfectly. Our both in width and in depth very comprehensive product range we meet your needs for tools, machines, standard parts, labor protection, drive technology and facility to approximately 100%.

If something should not be immediately available, we obtain it fast.

Based on our more than 40 years of experience and close collaboration with leading brand manufacturers, we go for quality not compromise.

Your advantage: reliability with which you can work professionally.
Reducing costs by C-parts management

Who wants to save when shopping, must use holistic approaches to contracting. These take into account that the actual ordering process causes immense internal costs that are higher than the value of goods especially for low-priced Cparts.

The solution is effective C-parts management, that through streamlined ordering procedures, sophisticated logistics and optimized goods stocking process lowers your costs.

One for you as a customer individually developed concept with high benefits is a top priority for us. Concept Blocks Used as e-procurement or KanBan be integrated as required.

Find out more at our base for C-parts management.