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We offer added value in service our services. You will be surprised what we do for you and your purchased product. But read for yourself:

Calibration Service DKD after certification

If your measurements do not fit, then we can help you improve your test results to you here.

This means that the best results are achieved, we work together with a German company, which was approved in August 2011 as the most accurate calibration laboratory for calipers and 300 mm in Germany. It was they who first, checking is performed fully automatically.

A high quality can be realized only by certified and calibrated measuring instruments. Calibration can be performed as a recalibration of new units as well as existing instruments.

Is performed this service automatically and indeed for the following units:

Caliper DIN 862 A (N or Z) (0.01-0.1) (100-300mm)

Dienstleistung KalibrierungsserviceForm A with vernier 0-100mm For right ranges and 0-300mm



Taschenmessschieber DigitalA form with digital display for right-handed resolution 0.01mm operating element above ranges 0-100mm and 0-300mm


Micrometer DIN 863 (N or Z) (0-25 or 25-50mm)

Buegelmessschraube AnalogWith vernier With Ratchet For right ranges 0-25mm and 25-50mm

. .

Buegelmessschraube DigitalWith digital display With Ratchet For right ranges 0-25mm and 25-50mm



Fleet Management Company DeWalt

Who buys DeWalt machines with us or leases shall reserve the option of full service benefits them. DeWalt offers a comprehensive service package:

  •      No repair and maintenance costs
  •      Free replacement of wearing parts also
  •      Free pick-up and delivery service in Germany
  •      Transport insurance of the equipment

The machines are then separately, characterized by the following features:

  •      Servicevariant
  •      type of machine
  •      Serial number
  •      Registration number
  •      customer address
  •      Customer needs identification
  •      expiration date
  •      barcode
  •      Telephone hotline

The full-service benefits are offered in different variants. The duration is 36 months and is already available for orders of € 1,500 net possible. Ask our sales team for this full-service performance.
Regrinding / sharpening saw blades

Here we offer you:

  •      Resharpening of HSS / carbide milling and Bohrwerzeugen with new coatings
  •      Resharpening of HSS / carbide saw blades



Shadow-BoardsWe also offer custom-made foam inserts for the orderly storage of your tools.
These foam inserts are colloquially called Shadow boards.
Shadow boards motivate for better organization and show at first glance which tool is missing in the case. Shadow boards are for fitting in tool boxes, fuse drawers, crates or even used as a shipping container. You also protect sensitive tool in the daily transportation.
The process to manufacture our shadow boards is easy. For the production of your new Shadow boards, we provide you free of charge a luminous film with guidance.
They take digital photos, set details and send them by email. We ensure the optimum production.

Sieland Financing Service

We know the current challenge of the middle class: always technologically up to date to be and despite the growing list pace of innovation, short product life cycles and a very high adaptation effort.
Business success with yesterday’s technology? Hardly feasible !!!
With your equipment leasing company is on the right track: simple, efficient and proactive calculable. To secure your orders tomorrow and increase your productivity. To build its competitive lead.
Find out about our leasing deals and make us an inquiry today!