Facility by professionals for professionals

In the area of the facility, we offer you as a dealer hand crafted cabinets and closets, and drawer units, classification systems and lockers. And all this: MADE IN GERMANY
Handmade in German workmanship

Especially in the field of machine tools, we are your strong partner. Our workbenches are supplied due to the robustness in ship equipment for years. The workbench top is beech multiplex of 40 mm, the edges are rounded, the surfaces are sprayed with boiled linseed oil. The drawers have a high load capacity and a smooth roller guide.

Our product is characterized by additional properties:

  •      Steel drawers and doors are elegant and functional
  •      Classic design with rounded handle
  •      Drawers and doors are individually lockable by cylinder safety locks

Download now our complete workbench Prospect.
Download now in PDF format: workbenchbrochure